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All of the rc_params.flow-workflow-change has data in this format:

    [action] => reply
    [block] => topic
    [revision_type] => PostRevision
    [revision] => 0508d7d5601b34dffb6efa163e68c4ac
    [workflow] => 0508d7d5600f34dffb6efa163e68c4ac
    [definition] => 0503ac336376bba2f8a9fa163e68c4ac
    [post] => 0508d7d5601b34dffb6efa163e68c4ac
    [topic] => Sooo

except this one:

    [workflow] => 0508d44cae8f34dffb6efa163e68c4ac
    [definition] => 0503ac33637abba2f8a9fa163e68c4ac
    [revision] => 0508d44cae9f34dffb6efa163e68c4ac
    [content] => <p>Use this for substantive comment about Flow.  Use <a
href="/wiki/Talk:Sandbox" title="Talk:Sandbox">Talk:Sandbox</a> for testing.
</p><p>See earlier <a href="...

I guess this one record is missed by the maintenance script?

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