--- Comment #8 from James Alexander <> ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> So the placeholder would be hidden? It's possible and the script could be
> changed to do it, but the fact that those got hidden is basically seen as a
> bug, not a feature.
> Any patch to do it would get a -2 from me.

That's not a bug, it was very much a feature of the tool as originally designed
and used, I think it's legitimate to do this change but that's a different
question. This is a change in state for very legitimate reasons, but not a

That said it's possible you don't understand what I meant. I don't meant to
fully hide the placeholder, just to drop them into deleted revisions. That
would theoretically be possible for the community to (manually) do for them
we'd just be doing it automatically which makes sense given the number of
revisions. The effect would be as if the page was deleted and then restored
without those revisions. They would still be viewable under Special:Undelete
like any deleted&suppressed edit is viewable now.

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