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--- Comment #2 from Brad Jorsch <> ---
Not a bug in OAuth, it's just a configuration issue. What needs to happen in a
patch against wmf-config/CommonSettings.php (in operations/mediawiki-config)
that adds Wikidata's permissions into the appropriate subarrays of

Not being familiar with Wikidata's perimssions, I wouldn't know which ones
should go in $wgMWOAuthGrantPermissions['useoauth'] (like core's 'read'), which
should go in $wgMWOAuthGrantPermissions['editpage'] (like core's 'edit'), which
should go in $wgMWOAuthGrantPermissions['createeditmovepage'] (like core's
'create' and 'move'), and so on, or whether one or more new groups should be
created for some/all of them so clients can explicitly request "interact with
Wikidata" (which would then need a message added to

Adjusting priority and importance to match bug 59929 and bug 59981, and
reassigning to Wikimedia/Wikidata so the right people can decide how
$wgMWOAuthGrantPermissions should be set up. Gerrit change 109308 might serve
as an example as to where and how exactly to add it.

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