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> (In reply to comment #20)
> > IMO the <poem> tag should be rendered as <pre
> > class="poem"> and it has exactly the behavior of indent-pre (with an extra
> > HTML
> > class and without the necessity to write the leading indentation).
> A few questions about this statement:
> * The gray box/monospaced font of <pre>/indent-pre would have to be removed
> for
>   <poem> blocks.
> * What are the existing differences between <poem> and indent-pre?
> * <pre> does not render identically to indent-pre, so could you explain how
>   rendering poems using <pre class="poem"> would help?

We weren't very clear about what we were discussing there. 

What Scott meant is that the patch should generate <pre class="poem"> .. </pre>
for the HTML of the <verbatim>..</verbatim> (or <pre-text> or whatever tag name
is picked) instead of generating <div class="poem">..</div>. It is cleaner and
the ouput is semantically closer to the intention of the <verbatim> tag.

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