--- Comment #30 from C. Scott Ananian <> ---
Regarding my use of "indent-pre" above -- I'm looking at this mostly from the
perspective of parser maintenance.  As [[testwiki:bug 52061]] demonstrates, the
desired behavior of <poem>/<lines> is the same as the existing behavior of
'indent-pre', although the implementation in the original patch was very
different.  I would like to try to avoid adding a bunch of new hair (and crazy
interactions) with the new feature, and instead try to reuse the existing
indent-pre handling code so that all the corner cases were consistent.

In fact, assuming this gets merged, it might be cleaner in the future to
document the "indent pre" behavior as "an implicit <lines> surrounding the
indented region".  This would reduce confusion because "indent pre" and "<pre>"
are actually quite different in their handling of embedded wikitext, etc.

I like the name <lines>, btw.

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