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Likewise I think this has merit.  Backwards compatibility is easy to achieve,
and can be turned off by default for new wikis, or wikis which have finished
migrating to the new syntax.  The syntax then becomes more consistent, and thus
easier to document and learn, and build external parsers and editing tools. 
There has been some large changes to the redirect functionality for 1.23 -
maybe now is a good time to introduce this enhancement also.

(Adding hash for all magic words would also be great)

There is also the fact that '#' is the syntax for lists, so the following
becomes a list item instead of a redirect:
'<!-- Blah -->#REDIRECT [[Blah]]'

There are a lot of relevant comments on bug 14323.  To summarise, some are
concerned that the syntax for redirect targets will become dynamic.  I'm not
sure why that is inherently bad thing, but I recall that some magic words like
{{CURRENTYEAR}} dont force updates to ripple through templates, and likely the
same problem will exist in redirects if the redirect target could contain
variables.  If redirects were a parser function, it can specify what is valid
inside that function, and exclude expressions which would be valid within [[

If a redirect can be wrapped in a template (e.g. via a parser function), then
bug 50878 is fixed.  New redirects could then be created by a VisualEditor
transclusion of {{redirect to|<target>}} (deleted, but never worked afaik);
existing redirects could be transformed to the new syntax before being
presented to VisualEditor.

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