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Since new page creation is enabled in (just no red links) it would be a good
idea to check if any pages have been created via mobile so far and if so run
some checks to see if they were any good / did they get reverted. We have data
so it would be good to get a feel for what will happen when we make this more
widely available. Also currently new page creation templates are nasty on
mobile... someone will have to perfect this before enabling red links - this
task is not simply a case of flicking a switch.

There is also an opportunity here to build for the future... I wonder if
redirecting new page edits to drafts or making it easy to turn them into drafts
might be a clever idea... writing on a mobile phone is a pain (I'm doing so now
so can testify that) and may be better suited for draft creation e.g. jotting
down shorthand notes

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