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Good news, thanks! :) My comments:

- "stanza-first" and "stanza-last" are OK to me, but it seems stanza-first will
do something different from the "stanzas" which I proposed. As I understand,
"stanza-first" will just count every line, and show the number only on the
lines which are the first of their stanza, eg.: 1, 9, 17, 25... My "stanzas"
proposal was to count each stanza as 1 and show the number of the stanza, not
the number of the line, eg: 1, 2, 3, 4... Of course this is not "one or the
other" :), I think both possibilities are useful and should be implemented
(maybe also at a later time, the most important thing for now is to have the
"basic" numbering system with number-start and a numeric number-step).

- On bug 52061, comment 21, they suggested the possibility of assigning a
custom css class to poem. If this is done, maybe number-class is not required:
you can give all numbers a standard class "line-number", then users can give a
custom class to poem, like "fancyPoem", and they can define the behavior using
css subclass like ".fancyPoem .line-number {...}"

- I would favour giving anchors to all lines. This would make it much easier to
link to a specific line. Otherwise I'm sure that people would resort to linking
to the "closest line" :D, which is not desirable. I'm not sure if it's better
to use #line5, #line10 instead of #5, #10, since in HTML4 ids are required to
start with a letter (although most browsers tolerate that - also HTML5 is more
permissive about that).

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