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As James pointed out in bug 57939, anonymous users make up a a large portion of
the intended audience for the shop (i.e. people who may not be altogether savvy
in the workings of Wiki, and probably won't go to the trouble to read the
footers of our pages). The shop's daily order and visit totals are still quite
low, which is why I've been assigned to increase its visibility and variety.
While the shop is not intended to be profitable, it should about break even in
order to give us the flexibility to spend more on free giveaways. That means we
need customers.

I'm open to suggestions to relocate the link, but I really believe it would be
detrimental to the project to move the link to relative obscurity at the bottom
of the page.

As with bug 57939, would this be better discussed on Meta? I will have the shop
talk page updated with our plan for the next few months by Thursday, 1/30. I'd
be happy to discuss this issue as well and give more community members an
opportunity to weigh in.

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