--- Comment #11 from Jon <> ---
jgonera: jdlrobson, why is
not fixed?
[4:04pm] jdlrobson: jgonera: i have no idea
[4:04pm] jdlrobson: either a re-regression or something else
[4:04pm] jgonera: jdlrobson, so why did you say it's not?
[4:04pm] jdlrobson: it's broken still
[4:04pm] jdlrobson: kaldari raised a bug this morning
[4:04pm] jdlrobson: it says so in the comments
[4:04pm] jdlrobson: Duplicate of this bug: 60480
[4:05pm] jgonera: jdlrobson, but what specifically? there are multiple items in
this bug
[4:06pm] jdlrobson: Bug
may be a less confusing version of this one
[4:06pm] jdlrobson: the initial bug report was super confusing and listed
various issues

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