--- Comment #2 from Krinkle <> ---
No need for workaround, projects are expected to have their jshintrc settings
in their own repository.

Changing then in any other place will cause disruption as:

* When the defaults change, repositories need to update their code to conform
to the new settings. If it inherits from something (e.g. our own defaults, or
the jshint defaults or whatever else) this will inevitably cause jenkins jobs
to fail unexpectedly for existing repositories after an upgrade eventhough
nothing changed on their part. This will eg. cause patches that were passing to
suddenly now fail.

* Makes it hard or impossible to apply settings locally in development
environment (e.g. using your editor's jshint plugin, or when using grunt or
node-jshint from the command line, it wouldn't have the same settings).

If we're going to make an effort to do anything about the false positives for
jobs that someone has incorrectly enabled a jshint job for without there being
a proper jshintrc file, then I'd recommend spending that effort on making the
job fail if the repo doesn't have a jshintrc file.

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