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> > Thanks for all of the answers so far.  One more question:  what will the log
> > entries look like?  Will they go into the suppression table and show the
> > original oversighter and the original oversight log summary and date of
> > oversight?
> Log entries will be added to Special:Log/suppress, and should look as if they
> had been created via the revdel system. Time, user, log summary will all be
> the
> same as the original oversight log entry.

Thanks, Kunal.  What will happen to the Oversight log?  Will it remain intact
or will it be deleted?  Given that over 80% of all oversights (including a lot
of weird edge cases) happened on enwiki, it would be useful for it to be kept
intact, at least for a period, so that QA checks can be made.  Not that there's
likely to be a problem, simply that it would be impossible to tell if there is
without the original logs for comparison.

Also, I'm assuming that this will fix the old attribution glitch.  Is that

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