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I should have replied more directly initially. Let me try again.

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> unconditionally disabled
> Special:ActiveUsers for all miser mode wikis, including all the small
> Wikimedia projects who knows how many thousands small wikis where the special
> page causes no problems.

"Unconditionally" seems like a strange wording choice here. It's behind the
$wgMiserMode configuration variable now, as far as I can tell. That's not
unconditional, that's the opposite. By default, $wgMiserMode is false, so any
small wiki will presumably be completely unaffected by this change, I think. Am
I misunderstanding or mistaken?

Wikimedia wikis are affected because all Wikimedia wikis set $wgMiserMode to
true, regardless of wiki size. A bit of searching reminded me of bug 46098, of

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> (In reply to comment #3)
>> Until Special:ActiveUsers' performance problems can be addressed, putting it
>> behind $wgMiserMode as a temporary measure seems acceptable. 
> Who said "temporary"? Is someone working on making it more efficient?

There should be a bug about making Special:ActiveUsers efficient enough
(similar to bug 10593). There should also be a bug about ultimately killing
$wgMiserMode. I consider it a hack. I don't think we should encourage
second-class features. We should either support the features fully in core,
kill them, or put them into an extension.

I'm not sure either of these bugs exist yet.

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