--- Comment #2 from Thomas Morton <> ---
We do have to urlencode some things, because that is a requirements of the QR
code. So we have no route around that.

Yes some of the current codes have double encoded urls; the hack I implemented
fixes them. What was happening was the nginx server was decoding the first
encoding (as it was supposed to). What the code then does is urlencode the
request before forwarding it. So we were re-inserting the double encoding!
Ooops :)

However, removing that last encoding step shouldn't be a long term solution. We
do need to encode the url to make sure it is definitely compatible in the
widest possible uses!

Also we need to be able to handle other server setups, in the case that QRpedia
gets deployed somewhere else.

We may need to create a number of test cases to see how this works and how to
handle them.

And we definitely need to consider sanity checking on the front end code
generation interface.

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