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The 185 k leftover revision ID's are probably due to the fact that the deletion
archive was cleared twice, in June 2004 and December 2003. It was created in
August 2002, so a negligible number of edits were permanently deleted. See:

The numbers surprise me a bit. They seem to indicate that about three times as
many edits were deleted between June 2004 and June 2005 than in the entire
period up to June 2004. Perhaps revision ID numbers were reset or reused at
some point; It'd be best to ask Brion or Tim about this. The numbers are
particularly surprising because those old deleted revisions would presumably
include edits to the Wikipedia sandbox, which was routinely moved to bizarre
titles by newbies or outright deleted; a page move of a page with many
revisions in MW 1.4 and below was a much bigger disaster than it is now, and
move protection wasn't introduced until December 2004, see:

I once rescued some old sandbox revisions that go back to June 2004; the ones
before then were deleted and are now irretrievable. I used to believe that
there were about 50,000 irretrievable sandbox revisions, but with the numbers
you have presented here, that may be an exaggeration. For the old sandbox
edits, see:

Can I have an example of some revisions having the same ID in the deletion and
regular tables? That is very bizarre.

Out-of-order revision IDs cause problems for diffs; the number of intermediate
revisions is misreported (as that function works by rev ID), and since the
prev/next links in diffs are also ordered by rev ID, they are also affected.
See this diff as an example:

More rarely, revisions have the opposite problem; they have the correct
revision ID vbut the wrong date. See bug 2219.

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