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> > Therefore, I agree that this feature is perhaps not a silver bullet for
> > exceptionally popular sites like, but it might already be useful for
> > the less popular Wikimedia sites that are craving to increase readership, 
> > and
> > it would be definitely useful for many (most?) 3rd party MediaWikis.
> Indeed. Raising the bar too much also doesn't help seeing some movement. Just
> showing the star/watch button should be trivial and at worst people will need
> to use the back button to complete the action after registering (if there's
> no
> returnto). If there's any reason/doubt not to do this on WMF wikis, it can be
> disabled there via configuration.

I think it'd be fine if someone wants to do this, ala Quim and Nemo's comments. 

My only requirement is that we make sure we track when it gets enabled and
where precisely, so we can measure the before/after impact on registrations. 

A related enhancement would be to provide a guided tour of the watchlist to
users who sign up that route.

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