--- Comment #8 from Nathan Larson <> ---
The change that Tim and Chad are talking about, of scrapping interwiki prefixes
entirely, is even more radical (and therefore scarier). But if any change will
be implemented, it seems to me that the least disruptive way of doing it is to
make a change in the installer, because then one is not making a change to
existing wikis. Of changes made to the installer, the least disruptive of those
is to change the default option while still leaving the former default

An alternative way to introduce change would be for someone to go to
[[Project:Village pump (proposals)]] and say, "Hey guys, why don't we all start
using Project: as the project namespace prefix instead of Wikipedia:? Once all
uses of Wikipedia: have been replaced, it'll be easier to make a case for
retiring Wikipedia: entirely as a namespace prefix. Think how that would
benefit third-party wikis that want to import our content!"

That proposal having been enthusiastically accepted and implemented, and
similar proposals having been similarly enthusiastically accepted and
implemented at other major wikis, it would be easier to make a case for
changing the installer default.

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