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Looking at the failing job:

The console does not show anything relevant beside the job failing:

Looking at the test report we get way more details:

With a nice stack trace and way more details for each tests:

config/cucumber.yml of qa/browsertests.git has:

ci: --format Cucumber::Formatter::Sauce --out reports/junit

That define a profile named 'ci' with options which are passed to cucumber. 
That configuration means cucumber will write output using the Sauce format to a
file (reports/junit) discarding output to the console.

It might be possible to add a second formatter and have write to stdout which
would show up on the console.

Another possibility is to intercept cucumber exit code and echo a clear message
saying the job has some failure and craft an URL pointing to the test report.
Something like:

bundle exec cucumber --backtrace --verbose --profile ci --tags || (echo -e "\nJob as failed (exit code:
$?).\nSee test report at $BUILD_URL/testReport/\n")

Jenkins env variables are listed at:

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