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This might be the right idea, but it's wrong wrong approach. Just showing a
non-functional feature that leads to a signup page is misleading to the users
and will annoy them. People don't like that kind of surprise.

We had this problem on some wikis on Wikia because they did just that there (in
monobook, anyway; there may have been better handling in the main skin(s)). The
response was generally not, 'oh, let's sign up', but 'why is this even here?
What the crap?' The relation between the tool and the need to sign up needs to
be clearer for it to actually work. 

Tumblr has a better example of handling this (though they too do the misleading
thing sometimes as well), where they have a distinct interface for logged in
and anonymous users - the anonymous see a button to sign up to follow the blog
(watch it), and the logged in simply see a button to follow it. This way, when
seeing the logged-out interface, those without accounts see an incentive to
sign up directly, without any deception, and those who do have an account have
a clear indication that oh, right, they're not logged in, they probably should.
So this actually helps both groups of users.

On the other hand, while that would work for something like tumblr, tumblr is a
blogging platform, and with blogs what you are watching are the feeds, not the
individual posts. Would it actually help most wikis any to tell anonymous users
that they can watch individual posts - the pages? Why would most anonymous
users even WANT to watch a page? What good would this do them, unless they're
already editing it? And if they are already editing it, wouldn't an indicator
that they should sign up be better placed somewhere in the editing interface?

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