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> > This might be the right idea, but it's wrong wrong approach. Just showing a
> > non-functional feature that leads to a signup page is misleading to the 
> > users
> > and will annoy them. People don't like that kind of surprise.
> > 
> Yes, you have to tell the user what's going on and why, you can't just
> redirect
> them to signup. I think everyone understands that.

Do they? Wikia and tumblr didn't.

Point is, adding a message that only appears on the way to signup, or on the
signup page itself, doesn't address that. They need to know what they're
clicking on when they click it, not after, and just adding the star doesn't
tell them that.

On the other hand, the star itself doesn't even tell people who are logged in
what it is unless they hover, which frankly isn't very good for something
that's such an important part of the interface... I'd say that's a whole other
ball of wax, but on the other hand perhaps that's what would need to be
addressed to make it clearer what's going on to anonymous as well?

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