--- Comment #10 from Bawolff <> 2010-02-06 06:04:58 UTC ---
I can't read the reporters mind, so i could be wrong, but:
*User submits bug with title "Wikipedia wikis appears in a cursive font on
Internet Explorer" (title has since changed)
*Reedy asks if it is only wikimedia or other two
*User responds with a list of other wikis that this issue affects.
*I conclude from this that in addition to wikipedia, several other mediawiki
wikis are affected. (With a counter-example that does not use the default
mediawiki css)
**(I make the further conclusion that the issue at hand is probably on the
users end, but could be wrong about that. however thats beside the point).

Thus if there is an issue that needs fixing here, it is with mediawiki
(including wikipedia), thus the person should not send bug reports to those
individual sites.

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