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--- Comment #1 from Brad Jorsch <> ---
The underlying cause seems to be the query killer mentioned in bug 58157
comment 5. The query here appears to be along the lines of:

 SELECT /*! STRAIGHT_JOIN */ page_id,page_namespace,page_title,rd_from  FROM
`templatelinks`,`page` LEFT JOIN `redirect` ON ((rd_from = page_id) AND
rd_namespace = '828' AND rd_title = 'Fallbacklist' AND (rd_interwiki = '' OR
rd_interwiki IS NULL))  WHERE (page_id=tl_from) AND tl_namespace = '828' AND
tl_title = 'Fallbacklist' AND page_namespace = '828'  ORDER BY tl_from LIMIT

Presumably it's slow because Module:Fallbacklist probably has something like 25
million transclusions, few of which are in the Module namespace. What might be
done about that, though, I have no idea.

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