--- Comment #2 from Bawolff (Brian Wolff) <> ---
Removing the /*! STRAIGHT_JOIN */ would probably help as there is only 163
pages in the module namespace in commons (On tool labs, query without straight
join took 0.16 seconds), so much more efficient to join the other way around.

However that doesn't really help the general case of a template with millions
of transclusions none of which are in the namespace being looked for, and that
namespace also has millions of pages. I'm not sure if anything can help with
that case short of duplicating the namespace of tl_from into template links
table (Wouldn't it be nice if indexes could cross table boundaries?)



If you really wanted to know, the modules that link to Fallbacklist are:

| page_title       |
| File             |
| Coordinates      |
| Fallback         |
| Fallbacklist     |
| Fallbacklist/doc |
| Coordinates/doc  |
| Fallback/sandbox |
| File/doc         |

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