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--- Comment #2 from p858snake <> 2010-02-06 11:50:54 UTC 
Based on IRC chat, this is actually a request to have it set for the WMF wikis
to have MW marked as "iw_local" in the interwiki table. 

Including the relevant IRC chat below:
<liangent> what does he
<liangent> sorry... maybe #wikimedia-tech
<cirwin> liangent: well, I wrote it
<cirwin> maybe I misunderstood you :)
<cirwin> what do you mean by local?
<liangent> iw_local field in interwiki table
<cirwin> oh, yes
<cirwin> I did misunderstand you
* cirwin does not know enough about anything to make comments
<liangent> :)
<cirwin> that said, wikimedia: is not local either
<p858snake> "iw_local informs MediaWiki how it should treat interwiki links
coming from external sources. If iw_local is 1, then it will treat these links
as though they were generated from within the local wiki."
<p858snake> Mediawiki isn't only used by WMF so therefor we shouldn't be
setting something like that as a default accross new installs if i understand
what you're asking properly
<cirwin> p858snake: mayhaps you'd like to write a proper comment on the bug :)
<liangent> p858snake: i mean setting it on wmf wikis
<liangent> not for default mw installations

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