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> Emulating MediaWiki behavior doesn't seem ideal to me. It feels like
> reinventing/rewriting MediaWiki as a MediaWiki extension.

It's too bad we didn't add the semantic information into the existing PHP
parser and make it runnable as a service, instead of trying to rewrite the
whole thing in a completely different language. But that ship has already

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> (In reply to comment #17)
> > I'm speccing out potential integration with link tables here:
> >
> Please let me know if my requirements + implementation look sane, Brian /
> Brad.

I don't much like the parallel Flow-specific links tables, but I suppose that's
necessary because Flow makes talk pages so complicated that trying to find the
usage of the link/file/template/etc from the talk page itself won't work too

Don't forget the list of pages using the file at the bottom of File-namespace
pages. And there are also a number of API modules that query the existing links
tables; there should at least be some way to (1) identify that a page *is* Flow
and (2) search these flow-specific links tables to find the actual "thing(s)"
doing the linking in the particular page.

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