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            Bug ID: 60699
           Summary: VisualEditor - Several gallery issues.
           Product: VisualEditor
           Version: unspecified
          Hardware: PC
                OS: Windows Vista
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: Unprioritized
         Component: Editing Tools
    Classification: Unclassified
   Mobile Platform: ---

(Tested on Firefox 26, Windows Vista)
Steps to reproduce
- Edit the [[Jefferson Davis County Courthouse (Mississippi)]] page using the
visual editor.
- Click the image present in the article.
- Press "Insert => Gallery".

The result of this is that the visual editor will break to a point where one
cannot use it without entirely reloading the page. For example:
- Pressing "Insert => Gallery" again yields no reaction.
- Pressing "Insert => Special Character" results in a window that seems to be a
hybrid of the gallery and character insertion tool.
- Clicking any page link in the article will no longer result in the usual
"Edit Link" popup. Using the link button on the interface will result in a
hybrid version of the link window and the gallery window.

Interestingly, there are no errors in Firefox's error console.

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