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> > Why do we actually have to remove this option again? What's wrong with 
> > simply
> > keeping it and making it default to enabled (therefore enabling ULS by
> > default) while still giving people the possibility to disable it at their 
> > own
> > desire?
> User preferences are a last resort; they're a way of giving up. The vast
> majority of site visitors can't set user preferences because they don't log
> in.
> The vast majority of logged-in users don't change the default setting (or
> even
> know that they have settings). And, of course, we still don't have global
> user
> preferences (i.e., the ability to set a user preference across Wikimedia
> wikis).
> In the conversations about ULS, I think some important points are getting
> lost.
> For example, ULS is not actually universal. It only applies to Wikimedia
> wikis,
> not to the rest of the Internet. Perhaps usage statistics would help here,
> but
> it's beginning to seem as though the entire approach being taken here needs a
> reevaluation. Users interested in decent font support should be solving the
> issue at an operating system or browser level. Solving the issue on a
> particular set of sites, at great cost, is beginning to look like the wrong
> approach to take.

I am sad because of your remarks. They clearly assume that people have the
power to install the fonts on the systems they use. Not necessarily true. They
assume that ULS is not universal ... it exists as an extension to Chrome and
Firefox. That makes it as close as we can make it to the kind of universal you
suggest ULS is not. You are clearly under the impression that YOUR experience
is a valid point of reference.. It is not.. When you go to FOSDEM the PC's that
you can use have a French keyboard. Having ULS available to you makes them
usable when you know how to type blindly (this is a first world experience).

All in all ULS is successful in what it aims to do. It may be improved upon but
that does not negate its accomplishments.

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