--- Comment #8 from James Forrester <> ---
Some questions and points (sorry for being slow; I've been on leave, returning
next week):

1. When you say "VE should now be opt-in", what should happen to the accounts
that have been using VE? Should they be opted-in, or just left stranded without
VisualEditor? Should the default for new accounts be to have to find
VisualEditor to switch it on?

2. You want the labels to be "Edit" for wikitext and "Editor Visual" for
VisualEditor? Which way around should they go? (Right now eswiki has VE as the
primary/first tab, but we could change it to secondary/second tab if you think
it would be a good change. However, that would be a bit odd to do as well as
the opt-in, and is more an alternative.

3. Also on the labels of the tabs, in general, we're not happy with the "beta"
superscript note and we were planning to get rid of it in the next few weeks. I
don't think it makes sense for an opt-in system with two warnings about the
software being beta to have a third, and it doesn't work very well in Firefox
and some other platforms due to browser bugs.

4. What is the plan to inform users who have been using VisualEditor as to the
disruption? Particularly, what is the plan for anonymous editors (who can't
opt-in)? About 20% of edits by anonymous users have been through VisualEditor
to date, and this is likely to confuse them.

5. What is the plan for returning to use VisualEditor as the primary editor?
What changes or fixes would you like to see?

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