--- Comment #10 from Merlijn van Deen <> ---
Minimal test case for the SSL issue:

import httplib2

h = httplib2.Http()
resp, content = h.request("";, "GET")
raw_input("kill the connection...")
resp, content = h.request("";, "GET")
print "done"

So there are three issues:
 - A connection can hang indefinitely if the connection is killed. There should
be some timeout for receiving some data here.
 - The framework does not respond to ctrl-c when a thread doesn't return. This
can be solved by changing pywikibot/comms/ to be non-blocking (e.g. in a
loop with a 100ms time.sleep)
 - Threads do not receive KeyboardInterrupts (which is OK!) but this means a
non-returning call will hang forever (i.e. will not be killed when python

Amirs solution might be useful for the last issue, but I'm not 100% sure about
that. I think I'd rather hook the atexit handler to kill all processing
threads. Maybe we can also start threads as daemons, which should kill them
automatically when the main thread exits...

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