--- Comment #9 from John Broughton <> ---
This is ABSURD. It's been two and half months of having something that *used to
work* no longer work. And that something was very USEFUL - if you wanted to use
a existing citation/reference to support text in more than one place in an
article, you could do so easily. 

Why does it take the VE team MONTHS to fix something that gets broken? How
difficult is this, really? Why don't regressions get TOP priority for fixing? 

(Just so there's no misunderstanding about what's broken:

a. In the "Insert" menu, select "Reference"
b. At the bottom left corner of the dialog box, click "Use an existing

While you can still select any existing reference, what you CAN'T do is
actually see what the references consist of (author, title, date, publication,
etc.). Yes, occasionally some text does appear, but REALLY?

And yes, there is a workaround - first you should look at the References
section in the article, and note the reference number you want, BEFORE you do
a. and b. above. But REALLY - is this supposed to be user-friendly? Is this the
sort of step-by-step procedure we want to put into a user manual?

So to repeat - it's ABSURD that someone can't easily (and quickly) fix a
problem that simply involves DISPLAYING SOME TEXT. And if there is an
underlying problem with VE or Parsoid that prevents DISPLAYING SOME TEXT, then
perhaps someone would post a brief explanation here so that this wouldn't seem

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