--- Comment #9 from Conrad Irwin <> 2010-02-08 14:04:11 
UTC ---
These variables already take an argument which is the page name to act on.

{{PAGENAME:Talk:Hi}} => Hi.

It would not be hard to modify them so that {{PAGENAME:|P}} works as you
propose; but {{PAGENAME|P}} would require changes to the parser (or you could
just implement Template:PAGENAME

Implementation of  the above 6 (really 12 with the {{PAGENAMEE:|P}} versions)
cases is just a case of translating that wikitext into PHP.

The reason I WONTFIX this is because I think this syntax is ugly and confusing
{{PAGENAME}} {{PAGENAMEE}} {{PAGENAME:|P}} {{PAGENAMEE:|P}} provides two
totally different syntaxes for providing behavioural flags (right, we could
change it to be {{PAGENAME:|E|P}} or {{PAGENAME:|EP}} or :|PE or :|P|E to make
it consistent). The :| is still clearly a nasty hack, and I think people would
be bitten by {{PAGENAME:P}} more often than not.

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