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            Bug ID: 60811
           Summary: Provide link to csv file for every table in every
           Product: Analytics
           Version: unspecified
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         Component: Wikistats
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This would greatly help reuse of the data.

It is however not a trivial operation, as for most tables underlying data are
on much lower aggregation level (and sometimes multiple Mb in size).  
So in many cases these higher aggregated csv files will have to created anew.

This could be done in two ways: 

A pre-processing step which builds those csv files separately, followed by the
report generation phase which converts data to html, times 25 for so many

The alternative is to weave extra lines into the existing code, and write data
to html and csv files in close succession. 

However the code is already pretty complicated and would become even harder to
maintain. A pre-processing step would ease debugging, speed up report
generation, although a few hours gained to generate 100k html files (800 wikis,
many reports in 25 languages) is still nothing compared to data collection

But a pre-processing stage would require major maintenance. As new code is
needed, but on top of top that existing code needs to be rewritten. More work
than adding extra lines between existing code.

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