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> We still need to discuss how the badges should work in general. At the
> development plan [1] it says "Each sitelink can have zero or one badge
> attached
> to it." This does not match the current implementation which allows multiple
> badges. So the implementation needs to be changed to only supporting one
> badge.
> However, if we decide to keep the option of multiple badges we face some
> other
> problems. First, the ui gets harder to be implemented on Wikidata. This is
> not
> a real problem though. But a real problem is that we cannot determine which
> badge we want to display on the client. The only option I see to solve this
> issue is either to create another config variable (very ugly) or to only
> allow
> one badge as stated in the development plan anyway.
> [1]

I would really really like to have support for multiple badges. 

Can we just whitelist certain badges for display? Start with Featured and Good
Article, and if someone wants a badge displayed they can request it. Most of
the other badges people have mention seem to be the kind that we won't want
displayed on site links, etc.

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