--- Comment #10 from Tim Landscheidt <> ---
(In reply to comment #8)
> The error still keeps reoccurring intermittently. I've sent since sent two
> emails to the labs list. As soon as the bug was closed I tried it on my
> Android
> phone and it worked fine. A few hours later I tried it on my tablet and it
> didn't work. Early this morning it worked, and just now it failed again (this
> seems to be device independent and only depending on time).

> Could there be multiple hosts that need the fix (round robin)?

No, there is only one host (tools-webproxy) that handles SSL and then relays
via plain http to tools-webserver-0[1-3]/tools-webgrid-01.

I can't reproduce your problems; I've tried three online checks
(,, and all succeed (while they
failed previously).

Are you directly accessing (vs. CORS in your tool)
and seeing the issue?  Which phone/tablet and software are you using?

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