--- Comment #3 from Chris Woodrich <> ---
Does anything appear in your browser's JavaScript console when loading the
- Nothing.

Can you please run the upload wizard with the debug option enabled? Just add
"?debug=true" at the end of the web address (after "Special:UploadWizard") and
then reload the page.
- Nothing with Debug mode. I uploaded,_Sukorambi_Botanical_Garden,_Jember_01.jpg,_Sukorambi_Botanical_Garden,_Jember_01.jpg,_Sukorambi_Botanical_Garden,_Jember_01.jpg
and then it stalled.

Is this about Wikimedia Commons? Do you by any chance have the "Chunked uploads
for files over 1MB in Upload Wizard" preference enabled on Commons in the
Upload Wizard preferences?
- Yes and yes. Batched uploads worked perfectly fine a while ago. I uploaded a
700 mb file (Santa Claus Conquers the Martians), no issues.

If it is about your own wiki, what do you have in LocalDefaults.php for
- N/A 

Which browser and version did you use?
-Firefox, 26.0

A couple things, don't know if they are related or indicative of something. The
"view thumbnail" function is fritzy, and the "time remaining" bar is flickering
between x minutes and y seconds (with x generally being more accurate), even in
Debug mode.

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