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> (In reply to comment #6)
> > Eh, and what else you do than starting topic?
> As I said in comment 4, actions like adding project banners, metadata tags, 
> and
> other things, are not topics and so do not require a title (indeed actively
> should not have one).  

You can ALWAYS save page without filling the "headline" inputbox.

By the way, if there was eg. checkbox "start a new section" (checked by
default) aside the inputbox, one could uncheck it in case of "adding project
banners, metadata tags..."

There are random ways how to solve this the way everybody will find what he

> > 2) Just because you won't utilize it, it doesn't mean nobody else will.
> > Feedback of MediaWiki users should be taken in consideration.
> This is not so much "I/you/we won't utilise it" as "a significant number of
> users will be thoroughly pissed off by it".

How would they be pissed off? Is it going to block them somehow from using of
talk pages? Of course not. It doesn't bring pretty much anything else in fact,
than splitting the order of summary box and content edit box. Also, if there
was a way to have people choose the way they like, nobody would be pissed of at

> > 3) Cirwin also suggested extension-way alternative to solve this.
> That's great.  Still WONTFIX on core.

Changed the product and component then. You should have done that though,
because it has been mentioned here.

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