--- Comment #7 from Deryck Chan <> ---
Speedtests: (from my 10Mbps domestic connection in a building where most other
households have 100Mbps)

Hong Kong (STC) D 9.4Mbps, U 9.4Mbps, ping 10ms
Tokyo (Alocac) D 9.5Mbps, U 7.5Mbps, ping 67ms
London (Namesco) D 4.9Mbps, U 3.1Mbps, ping 220ms
San Francisco (Unwired) D 9.3Mbps, U 7.3Mbps, ping 195ms
Irvine, CA (Fireline) D 8.2Mbps, U 4.9Mbps, ping 235ms
Melbourne (Telstra) D 9.2Mbps, U 8.9Mbps, ping 171ms

[[User:Tsugiko]] suggested further that:
- Accessing Wikimedia sites is significantly slower than similar services in
the USA;
- Much faster upload speeds are achieved when he routed all his traffic to
Wikimedia sites via a VPN in Japan.

The second point he made would suggest that some improvement is possible by
reconfiguring WMF's IP routing tables.

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