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          Component|Data Model                  |General
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            Product|VisualEditor                |Parsoid
            Summary|VisualEditor: it.wp version |Parsoid: About grouping
                   |of Template:Sister adding   |doesn't work in all cases
                   |span tags                   |

--- Comment #2 from Ed Sanders <> ---
This extra HTML is correctly added here for the sake of putting something
meaningful into the external clipboard. data-ve-ignore tells the converter to
ignore it if it's pasted into another VE instances, and about="g[random]" tells
Parsoid to ignore it. However the about grouping appears not to be working at
Parsoids end:

<p><span about="g1" typeof="mw:Transclusion"
data-ve-no-generated-contents="true"></span><span data-ve-ignore="true"
about="g1"></span><ul data-ve-ignore="true" about="g1">
<span data-ve-ignore="true" about="g1">


{{Interprogetto|commons = cats}}
* Foo

<span data-ve-ignore="true" about="g1"></span>

The first about-grouped sibling is discarded, but the subsequent ul and span
are not.

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