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I haven't been following the discussions relating to Parsoid for quite a while,
but I know that there was general acknowledgement early-on that there are a
fairly large number of edge-case situations like this where the current parser
does not behave as you might expect, and that in an ideal world these would all
be fixed by the new parser.  It was also acknowledged that this would,
potentially, break a lot of stuff, and so fixing them might not actually be

I'm sure that a general approach has been adopted by now, so from my point of
view this should follow whatever approach has been adopted for other similar

* If they are all WONTFIXed without any further research, due to potential
breakage, then this should also be a WONTFIX.
* If they are all being kept open, with a plan to resolving them in the new
parser, then this should be re-opened.
* If there is some kind of flag (global or per-feature) to enable old broken
behaviour, then this should be re-opened and fixed, with an appropriate flag
used to restore the existing broken behaviour.
* If - as I suspect - they were handled on a case-by-case basis, based on some
metric (e.g. prevalence in some corpus) then that same metric should be applied

I guess my point is that this shouldn't be handled in isolation by one person
(or a couple of people) expressing an opinion.  It should be handled formally
via the parser team in a manner consistent with other similar issues.

On that principal, I am re-opening.  Am happy for it to be re-closed by an
appropriately informed person, so long as it is handled consistently with other
issues and appropriate justification is given.

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