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As seen in #mediawiki (slightly edited)

<Isarra> Improving the skinning experience - the problems mentioned aren't with
the skinning system, but with practices in core.
<qgil> Isarra, yes. It is a proposal that doesn't have an active promoter. If
you think that it doesn't make any sense, then probably the simplest thing is
to WONTFIX and remove from Possible Projects
<qgil> or turn it into the right project that MediaWiki needs  :)
<Isarra> qgil: Well, it could be made to make sense. It's just on completely
the wrong track at the moment.
<Isarra> I mean, the skinning system definitely needs... help.
<Isarra> But it's also already so much better than pretty much anything else I
have every seen.
<Isarra> Have you looked at wordpress? It's soup!
<Isarra> Which is actually probably fine. For wordpress.
<qgil> Isarra, I see what you mean. We can be very pragmatic here: either that
project is in a state where a GSoC / OPW participant can do something useful
with it, or not.
<qgil> Isarra, currently it is too vague.
<qgil> Isarra, (and probably not the best bite for a newcomer?)
<Isarra> qgil: Aye...
<Isarra> It could work, but it'd need to be narrowed down, perhaps?
<Isarra> A specific chunk to tackle...
<qgil> Isarra, it would be great if you could propose a good first step, GSoC
friendly (aka code-related) in the bug report. Something that would make sense
to you.
<Isarra> qgil: I'll give it a think.
<qgil> Isarra, thank you very much!

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