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Almost all page actions besides the default action=view (and soon, I think
action=protect), don't work on a Flow board. A Flow board is no longer a wiki
page but a window into a collection of topics made up of posts, and those
elements have actions such as edit and delete.

The general issue is whether Flow should silently ignore unrecognized actions
or report "Inappropriate action for a Flow board", similar to the error page
?action=BAD  generates on a regular page. I filed bug 60936.

The specific question is whether Flow should have a similar action=flow-info ,
or reuse action=info to do something quite different. Page watchers and
subpages still apply, but edits, authors, and many other items are more
applicable to individual topics and posts. I think number of topics on a Flow
board is interesting. Perhaps when we have Search/filter for a board, a null
search could return "420 topics found".

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