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> if UniversalLanguageSelector were re-enabled right now, it is pretty much
> exclusive to Wikimedia wikis (Wikipedias, Wiktionaries, etc.). How is this
> problem solved or worked around elsewhere on the Internet?

That is an interesting question. People have been using various IME methods in
Malayalam. Not any particular one is clearly dominant. But a large percentage
of Malayalam 'speaking' community has been even avoiding typing in Malayalam
script just because of the initial complex efforts required to install and
learn an IME. So they would use something nicknamed 'manglish', Malayalam words
written using English letters.

With the introduction of Narayam a few years back, many such users had turned
to start typing in proper Malayalam script. Often, a person will open a blank
new wikipedia page, choose the Narayam IME, type in whatever (s)he wanted and
copy paste it to the 'other' page. In the end, he would just leave the
Wikipedia page without saving it! This same practice would continue just as WM
projects threw off Narayam and introduced ULS.

So, as you may see, Narayam/ULS was even helping a lot of people to fulfill
their non-Wikipedia inputting needs!

As for one, I frequently use such temporary Wikipedia pages (in their
respective local language versions)  for typing (non-frequently) words in
Tamil, Devanagari, Telugu, Kannada etc.

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