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            Summary|When an instructor creates  |Rework the permissions
                   |a course, automatically add |process for creating
                   |them as instructor for that |courses and becoming a
                   |course                      |course instructor

--- Comment #1 from Sage Ross <> ---
Upon further consideration, the whole workflow of an instructor creating a
course and beginning to use it needs to be reworked. Basically, the supported
workflow should be like this:

0. User goes through training to learn about best practices for Wikipedia
assignments, and the basics of how course pages work.
1. User creates a course page, but may not sign up as the instructor for it. No
students may enroll in the course if it does not have an instructor.
2. User requests the course instructor right. Community can use the course page
to evaluate the request and assign the user right (and may request changes to
the assignment before granting it).
3. User adds self as instructor for the course, making it active and able to be
used by students.

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