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A patch to fix this

I am not comfortable with fixing this myself, it seems like a very drastic
change for very little benefit (particularly now the pipe trick works during
normal parsing too). 

While the usabiltiy concern that it might be less easy to read the wikitext if
the pipe trick is left, was countered by the argument that then people would
find out about the pipe trick sooner, and thus increase productivity.

The other downside is the possibility that this will cause problems for
consumers and future parsers of wikitext, who have to reimplement the pipe
trick for themselves; particularly if they are not expecting to find unexpanded
links in the source. At the moment, having it in both places allows templates
to work using the "in-parse" mode, while normal pages (and thus normal
consumers) will always see the expanded version.

As it seems there is an overwhelming amount of support for removing as much as
possible from the PST, I have attached a trivial patch to fix this issue.
(anyone applying it will need to upgrade the parser tests that it breaks)

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