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We had a meeting about building a more production-like Vagrant setup.  One of
the subtopics was how to make it easier to distribute and setup Vagrant to help
get new contributors at hackathons and such.

A few ideas were:

* (Bryan Davis) Have a network server to distribute all the installers
* Distribute USB drives so people don't need to use the network at all.
* LiveCD for running Vagrant (but people don't want to use a LiveCD long-term,
so this doesn't solve the problem of integrating it into your normal daily

I think we should consider the following:

1. Write script to build some kind of directory of MWV-related files.  This
could include:
* VirtualBox for various platforms
* Vagrant for various platforms
* Ubuntu base box
* More sophisticated (suggested by Yuvi): install script or package (e.g. DMG)
that sets up more than one package at a time.

2. Building a LiveCD or LiveDVD (and script for generating it) that can just be
booted to launch a network server (NFS and/or SMB) distributing the MWV-related
files.  This can be shared on a LAN to save people using scarce Internet.

3. Building a USB drive with the MWV-related files.

I'm going to make a bug for #1.  If people agree both #2 and #3 are worth
doing, I'll make bugs for those as well.  The alternative is to pick just #2
*or* #3 to focus on for now.

With #2 or #3, the same directory should be usable in both cases.

Another question is whether to put the build scripts in the main Vagrant repo,
or set up a new one.

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