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--- Comment #14 from Nemo <> ---
From what above and bug 57038, it's not clear to me if you're currently relying
on the database or the API. Anyway.

(In reply to comment #13)
> As per bug 53485 comment 35 and 39, let's not count self-merges (reviews
> merged
> by the author of the patch) in any "average time to review" metrics.

PleaseStand noted that we now have better searches by label: (2.7 was

For instance.
* Core changes by non-WMF people with +2 by WMF people:
(with some approximation because the LDAP group is not complete).
* Commits by a user minus self-merges:
* Merges by a user minus self-merges:
(restricted to core, gives zero results if more general probably because
Siebrand has too many).

It doesn't always work reliably if you don't specify a project. Should work in
the same way for API, e.g.

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