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It's progressive enhancement though, a plain fallback color should be

But, if we can implement it relatively cheaply, I don't see why we wouldn't (as
long as it doesn't inflate the stylesheet size significantly, and doesn't
introduce technology that then requires a lot of maintenance).

Using filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient( .. ); /* IE6-9 */ we
can probably do it. Need to make sure to expand color hex, and restrict or
normalise values for the mixin to the lowest common denominator in terms of
features (number of stops, direction, color syntax etc.)

Note that IE's share has been diminishing quite a lot for Wikimedia's traffic,
and even within IE, IE10 is rising steadily.

Top 9:

 Chrome 31.0    5,855 M    25.23%
 Mozilla 5.0    1,375 M    5.93%
 Firefox 25.0    1,400 M    6.03%
 Safari 0.0    1,168 M    5.03%
 MSIE 10.0    798 M    3.44%
 MSIE 8.0    869 M    3.75%
 Firefox 26.0    587 M    2.53%
 MSIE 9.0    606 M    2.61%
 MSIE 7.0    281 M    1.21%

I don't trust these much though, I think the user agent parser has become more
unreliable over past year.


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