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Finally, I am able to aswer the questions. Thank you for the waiting. 

The talk about the answers is here (in Spanish):

The aswers can be also be read here (in English):

> 1. When you say "VE should now be opt-in", what should happen to the accounts
> that have been using VE? Should they be opted-in, or just left stranded
> without
> VisualEditor? Should the default for new accounts be to have to find
> VisualEditor to switch it on?

As a consequence of the votation, the "opt-in" must be disabled; and thus it
will be enabled by those who want to use it. The proper announcements will be
made in order that noone overlook this change.

And, that is correct, the new users will have to get informed —or they will be
informed if they ask for help— about the different tools available in
esWikipedia, which are not less useful and important that this one: our
spelling checker, the PopUps or FastButtons, etc.
> 2. You want the labels to be "Edit" for wikitext and "Editor Visual" for
> VisualEditor? Which way around should they go? (Right now eswiki has VE as
> the
> primary/first tab, but we could change it to secondary/second tab if you
> think
> it would be a good change. However, that would be a bit odd to do as well as

Fully right, if the user enables the VE, the label "Edit" —"Editar"— should be
the wikitext's one and the "Editor Visual" should be the VisualEditor one.
Regarding to the labeling way once the VE is activated, the community was not
asked about that in the votation; although most of the users have pronounced in
favour of using the second label for "Editor Visual" —"Visual Editor"—.
However, proceed as you see best.
> 3. Also on the labels of the tabs, in general, we're not happy with the
> "beta"
> superscript note and we were planning to get rid of it in the next few
> weeks. I
> don't think it makes sense for an opt-in system with two warnings about the
> software being beta to have a third, and it doesn't work very well in Firefox
> and some other platforms due to browser bugs.

In esWikipedia, the "beta" superscript has never been implemented, so we
ignored its flaws. Besides, when the votation was proposed there were any
warning about the software being beta, so it is logical that the community
would desired to implement the "beta" warning. Be that as it may, our desires
are limited by the technical viability of those, although this "beta" labeling
it is still desired.
> 4. What is the plan to inform users who have been using VisualEditor as to
> the
> disruption? Particularly, what is the plan for anonymous editors (who can't
> opt-in)? About 20% of edits by anonymous users have been through VisualEditor
> to date, and this is likely to confuse them.

Will be developed the same action plan that was developed when the VisualEditor
was implemented, id est, it will be announce in our "Café de noticias" —Village
pump (news)— and the guide "Wikipedia:VisualEditor". Besides, we all will
beware in order to solve the doubts from users and help them in this issue.
> 5. What is the plan for returning to use VisualEditor as the primary editor?
> What changes or fixes would you like to see?

When the tool have been fully finished, and the developers let us know this
situation, the entire community will be asked again about this issue. At the
time, if there is consensus about its implementation, it will be enabled; if
not, there will be another votation about the VisualEditor. Please also note
that in a votation, the "enable" option must reach 2/3 of the votes to be

Regarding to the second question, several users are already working with the
VisualEditor and they are reporting their feedback to the developers; so when
it will be reported that the software has not structural flaws and that the use
experience is acceptable, we will let you know. Also, there has been an
interest in solving all the incompatibilities with other "mod" and "opt-in"
softwares, although it is known that some of them are already fixed.

Finally, even if they had nothing to do with the VisualEditor, several users
have meant to note that more economics and human resources should be focuses on
fixing existing problems such us the FastButtons —it was disabled weeks ago
because a security breach—, the cellular phone and portable devices editing
softwares, etc.

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