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I don't experience any performance problems even on my weak-chested tablet (of
course, a page with 2000 results takes longer to load than one with 20, but
it's still faster than a recent changes page of the same size or e.g. any
Wikidata item page with more than a handful of statements).

I don't want to use the API (probably including the need to develop a tool on
my own to display the result in a readable and useful way, just like the
ordinary search result page) for things that the UI could do once, and only
have been removed because someone decided that it is not useful to me.

Where's the benefit of taking this possibility away? It's not even like it
would be a pitfal for newbies, as the pagination links only offer page sizes of
up to 500 anyway and who changes it in the URL manually knows what he does.

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