--- Comment #1 from Erwin Dokter <> ---
I can find the following:

Normal pages
* page-fade.png for #base-page (top of page)
* tab-normal-fade.png for tabs in .vectorTabs
  (tab-current-fade.png is plain white bg image)
* tab-break.png for tab dividers
* portal-break.png for navigation dividers
  (there are also two ltr/rtl version)
* search-fade.png in the serach box

Preferences page:
* fade.png for the active tab in Preferences page
  (other tabs use only background-color)
* break.png for tab dividers

The tabs will be the hardest to find any suitable fallback methods for, as its
design relies on the gradients. Choose one color, and there will be a hard edge
either way. Degradation is very noticable.

Portal-break.png could be a solid line, which is just slightly less prettier,
so essentially requires no fallback.

Search-fade.png is so subtle it is hardly noticable, so requires no fallback.

Just brainstorming now... Providing generated images on the fly is not that
radical, or hard with any PHP graphics library. We already convert and scale
images and generate math. All mixin would have to do is create an image url
that contains the colors and stops in its filename and call upon that URL in
the generated CSS. Then the libraly generates and caches that gradient
background image.

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